IDC Staff Instructor

During your PADI IDC Staff Instructor course you will go through a pre-assessment of your dive theory and standards, dive skills and presentation techniques. You will get to   audit the entire IDC for a total of 11 days where you’ll be learn the entire IDC curriculum and how to evaluate and grade candidates as they do their presentations, while working closely with a Course Director and IDC staff instructors. You’re also required to pass the IDC exams once again and give out presentations. Once completed, you are welcome to come back and audit other IDC free of charge, gaining you credits that count towards becoming a Course Director.

If you are thinking of becoming a Course Director, this would be the first step which will benefit your career immensely.

As an IDC Staff Instructor, you will be able to teach Assistant Instructor Courses Independently, assist or conduct PADI IDC under the supervision of a Course Director and also assist in instructor level continuing education courses. This will increase your employability opportunities and boost your diving experience.