Master Scuba Dive Trainer

The PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT) certificate will make you more marketable, increasing your earning potential, qualification, and employment opportunities. It will indicate that you are multi-dimensional and can not only teach core courses, but also the specialty courses you enjoy the most.

With the MSDT, you earn an instructor rating in 5 different specialties, with the following being the most recommended:

  • Nitrox
  • O2
  • Deep
  • Wreck
  • Night
  • Drift

The primary advantage of doing your Specialty Instructor along with your Course Director is that you won’t have to wait until you issued 25 certifications to teach specialty courses. In addition, you only need 10 dives in that specific area instead of the 20 that you are required to have as proof if you were to apply directly. This will also save you a ton of money on the application.

This course will be offered 2 days after you finish your Instructor Examination and will have a fixed price for a number of dives over a course of a number of days.

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