Coral Reef First Aid

The purpose of the PADI Coral First Aid  Specialty Diver Course is to train recreational divers, tourists and fisheries management to become more actively involved in caring for there valuables resources. Conservation measure alone are no longer enough in rescuing the reefs from continued decline.

The course will educate the diving community on the importance of coral reefs and the problems affecting them; train and certify divers, tourists and the local fisherman in coral gardening methodologies with the goal of developing sustainable, community-based eco-tourism businesses while promoting reef conservation; promote  education and awareness to support the local population in hopes of coral reef conservation and management.

Course Flow

This course contains knowledge development and 3 open water skill development sessions.  

Dive 1:  You  will review buoyancy control and lift bag use by moving an object from one location to the another.
Dive 2:  pre-coral handling, frames set-up and attachment of fragments
Dive 3: Data collecting, measuring, mortality/ survival number and data sheet review

Duration: 2-3 Days
Price: U$315
Prerequisites: Open Water Diver